Iain Davidson educational training and consultancy


“Those skilled in the unorthodox are infinite as heaven and earth, inexhaustible as the great rivers. When they come to an end they begin again, like the the four seasons they die and are reborn”

Sun Tzu, The Art of War 6BCE

“Thank you for all your kindness and for the wonderful courses from which I have learned much”.

Dr N Sivaswamy (Cardiologist, Aberdeen University Hospital)




I aim to listen and guide clients with innovative and ethically sustainable solutions. I may ask fundamental questions over the very nature and purpose of the client’s organisation. Sometimes the simple questions are the hardest to answer.

I believe training and development is at the heart of any organization. I want all clients to ‘survive and thrive’ in these challenging economic and social times.

Professor Charles Handy described our time as one of both rapid and ‘discontinuous’ change. Change is not optional but our response to change can be.

Many customers have been working with me for several years, and we have grown and developed together, something I find both inspirational and motivational. I aim to build a sustainable and positive working relationship with all my clients.

I often work on my own but can connect with my network of business and education colleagues on larger projects, where I believe they will add value and enrich the quality of the client service. I only work with positive, experienced people who lead by example.

Please feel free to pick up the phone, or contact me by email listed below.

I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps working with you in the future.